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  • Carla Zanoni

    Carla Zanoni

    Writing memoir of self worth. Lead audience @TED. Priors include @WSJ & @DNAinfo. Poet heart, journalist brain. carlazanoni at gmail

  • Caitlin Chisling

    Caitlin Chisling

    Autistic writer / Articles on writing, creativity, mental health & disability ☕️🧠 https://www.caitlinchisling.com/

  • CindyRobinson


    Intuitive Healing Coach, founder of The Kid Factory. Providing leading-edge mental health info to as many families as possible.

  • Kristine Laco

    Kristine Laco

    My middle finger is my favorite. Hoarding TP since 2014. Well-Rested Bitch. Lady Boner Legend. Top writer Satire & Humor. Don’t follow if Laco-intolerant.

  • Sloane Crosley

    Sloane Crosley

    Author of I Was Told There’d Be Cake, How Did You Get This Number and The Clasp. New book of essays, Look Alive Out There, coming in spring 2018.

  • Adelina Vasile

    Adelina Vasile

    Aspiring toddler taming master, part-time (copy)writer. Hit me up at adelinanvasile@gmail.com

  • Rivka Wolf

    Rivka Wolf

    I’m the little girl who lived down the lane. Much appreciation to David Lynch. This generation of little girls are speaking for ourselves.

  • Purnima Mani

    Purnima Mani

    Often reading, writing, or teaching. Always cooking, baking, and eating. Words in Human Parts, Curious, Modern Parent. Connect on Twitter @purnima_mani

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